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2018年高考英语难点37讲--难点34 句子衔接加连词

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XX年高考英语难点37讲--难点34 句子衔接加连词
1.()it was about noon we arrived at the foot of the mountain.
78. ________ (nmetXX)
2.()the food was expensive and the service was good.
84. ________ (nmetXX)
3.()it looks as if my parents treat me as a visitor and a guest.
84. ________ (nmetXX)
4.() felt that they helped me understand what the world works.
89. ________(nmetXX春季)
5.()she was smiling but nodding at me.    92. ________(nmetXX)
1.if the book you want is out, you may ask for it to be called back for you, and whether you pay the cost of sending a post card, the librarian will write to you.
在下列情况下一般只用whether:引导介词后的宾语从句、主语从句、表语从句、同位语从句或在whether to do, whether…or not…中。
e.g.whether we’ll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather.
i asked him whether he would go or not.
2.i live in beijing, where is the capital of china.
解析:此题为四星级题。此题考查定语从句中的非关系代词、副词的用法。where改为which。这是一个非限制性定语从句,从句中缺少主语,主语应由关系代词来充当,所以应将关系词where改为which。此句应改为:i live in beijing, where there are lot of places of interest.先行词在定语从句为地点状语,所以应用关系副词where。如:
e.g.this is a house that / which i visited yesterday.
this is a house where i spent a happy childhood.
3.it is a very important exam but i can’t afford to fail it…
4.when i was on the stage the next day, i felt so nervous as i shook like a leaf.
解析:此题为四星级题。考查so…that引导的结果状语从句。把as改为that,结果状语从句一般由so that,so…that,such…that引导。
e.g.the box is so heavy that nobody can move it.
it is such a heavy box that nobody can move it.
he got up later so that missed the first bus.
1.()when i talked to him, and i found that from childhood he had developed the habit of reading…


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